Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Listen Up!

Print by ISO50, aka Tycho

Let me start by saying, I have been horribly lazy with the blog and my New Year's Resolution is to change that. Now onto the music review edition. Since I've joined Spotify, I've spent numerous hours exploring music and creating playlists and exchanging songs with friends. Well, I felt that I needed to share. Here are some songs that have been in heavy rotation. I have eclectic taste in music, I know so there's a wide variety of tunes that I think you all would dig.

Let's start off with a band that comes harpooning to the US indie music scene from Edinburgh Scotland, We Were Promised Jetpacks. Their impact on my music sound-scape is something of a phenomenon, with their infectious tunes that have really grown into something of an obsession so quickly that it seems they are something of an epidemic for my ears! And, although I listen to them almost constantly, I can't seem to wear them out. I think I have uncovered a classic, folks.

Human Error by We Were Promised Jetpacks

My favorite line of this song:

If I was a writer, I'd write my opinions
And save them for later
Just to see how wrong I could be

If you dig this song & video, they have a multitude of other great songs from their previous and current albums. My personal favorites in addition to this one are "Quiet Little Voices," "It's Thunder and It's Lightning" and "Ships With Holes Will Sink" but there's many more great ones.

This next artist I found on Spotify randomly and what a happy accident it was! His name is Phosphorescent and he has a very unique more acoustic style. In one biography, he was compared to the likes of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson. I can see the Willie Nelson part since he actually has a whole album dedicated to him, but it would be a disservice to his subtle but strong talent to say that he was any kind of knock off or imitator of either. Just have a listen to this song and tell me that you're not memorized. So here you have it,
Wolves by Phosphorescent

In addition to Wolves, I find the cover of "I Gotta Get Drunk" from his "To Willie" album so infectious & so fun to listen to that it inspired a playlist entitled "Moonshine" on my Spotify account where this song is amongst the likes of Johnny Cash, The White Stripes, The Black Keys and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros.

Another find that his intrigued me is Kurt Vile. I don't know where I've been since he has albums that go back as far as 2008, but I'm so glad I found him sooner than later. I could listen to his over and over. His voice has such a soothing quality to it and I love his guitar work. He really has a talent that shines alone. I don't think I've heard anything quite like it. Songs like this take you to a different place. I like that. I LIVE for that in music. That's what music is good at. Making the moment truly something memorable...whether it's a trip to the past or inspiration for the future...songs like this reminds us of what it's like to live. To love. To BE. So thanks Kurt Vile.
Baby's Arms by Kurt Vile

Speaking of taking the listener to a different place, Tycho on the Ghostly International label takes chill electronic music to some other place. A peaceful place. A dream state place. Just a great soothing place all around. What's more is Tycho has his own blog & is a very talented Graphic & Web Designer. Check out the link at the beginning of this post for more. Now have a listen.
A Walk by Tycho

Just beautiful. I really need to get down to see him in Pontiac this Friday. His music is really something amazing.